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About Lucio:

Lucio Zanon is an Italian entrepreneur with over 40 years of progressive experience in the international hospitality industry. Having started his career as a bartender at Hotel Cappelli in Lido of Venice in the late 1970’s, he then became a professional Sommelier at Cecconi’s Restaurant in London. His luxury hotel training and management brought him to open and manage several of the world’s renowned restaurants including; Harry’s Bar in Venice, Harry Cipriani 5th Avenue New York, Cipriani Downtown New York, Cipriani Buenos Aires Argentina, Cipriani Dolci Patio Bullrich Buenos Aires Argentina, 55 Wall Street New York, Cipriani 42nd Street New York, Cipriani Dolci Grand Central Station New York and Rainbow Room Rockefeller Center.

His most recent successes have included managing Casa Tua Miami and Aspen, as well as co-owning Graspo de Ua in Venice and Taverna la Fenice Venice. Each of these locations had the honor of serving U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, and Italian Presidents Carlo Azeglio Ciampi and Giorgio Napolitano.

About Sebastiano:

Sebastiano Zanon is a Sommelier and hospitality manager with a passion for the world of wine and extensive knowledge in liquor and mixology cocktails. With a goal to make every guest’s culinary experience resemble that of a couple of hours in Italy, his most recent contributions have been managing several Coral Gables restaurants including Portosole, Zucca and Enoteca La Centrale.